The PSOE requests that women in Murcia can get off the bus wherever they want at night to ensure their safety

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The PSOE of Murcia considers necessary a specific service of “safe stops” of public transport for people who are in a situation of vulnerability. Specifically, women and girls who feel insecure at night.

The socialist councilor, Teresa Franco, says that the lack of local police officers, the dispersion of the municipality of Murcia with a wide geography and streets with poor lighting require the development of measures that ensure the safety of the users of public transport.

The councilor recalls that the nights are the moments of greatest vulnerability and believes that “an administration such as the City Council of Murcia must provide women with resources to feel safer and avoid risk situations as much as possible, so a safe nighttime stop service is one of those political decisions that have in mind the needs of women.”


The system, which already works in Spanish cities such as Madrid, Ibiza or Malaga, is that a woman can ask the bus driver to get off at a specific point along the route, even if it does not coincide with a bus stop, as a prevention measure. However, this measure would not change the route of a bus line.


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