IFA rescues the 2021 footwear fair


The Alicante Fair Institution (IFA) returned from the MICAM fair in Milan, the most important one in the sector internationally, with the approval to rescue the national footwear fair in Elche. After the low participation of the exhibitors in Momad (Madrid), the general director of IFA, Esther Guilabert, the president of the shoemaker Avecal, Marián Cano, and the undersecretary of Sustainable Economy, Natxo Costa, took advantage of the presence of companies to test them for get the fair to be held again in Valencian territory.

Now begins a period of meetings to make decisions about how the fair should be, since the objectives pursued are different depending on the size of the participating companies. However, everything indicates that it will be done at the Elche fairgrounds and the date will be possibly in 2021.

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The companies most interested in bringing the fair back to IFA are the medium-sized ones, since the largest ones bet their marketing assets in bigger exhibitions, such as Milan. In this way, Guilabert says that “an event for everyone is impossible”, without that meaning that these more powerful firms are not at the fair.

They just will participate in another way, such as presentations, meetings or other actions or activities to be determined. On the other hand, although these companies do not need the fair to advertise, they understand that the sector does need it, so they also support the proposal and will participate in other ways.


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