German Gunman Is Found Dead Alongside His Dead Mother With Gun Shot Wounds Deemed As A Far Right Racist Attack On Turks


The gun attack in Germany that we reported on last night has further developments as the gunman has been found dead alongside his 79 year old mother.

The German police are treating the shooting that saw 11 killed last night as domestic terrorism, with the shooter being described as a member of the far right who ran far right campaigning websites.

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The interior minister for Germany has said the gunman had a xenophobic motive.

Police in Hanau Germany discovered the 43-year-old gunman dead in his flat, along with the body of his 72-year-old mother who had also been shot to death.

It’s also been revealed by the interior minister despite being a far right activist had access to legal firearms as he was a sports marksmen and fully registered to own guns.

Many of the gunman’s victims were Turkish or of Turkish origin as they sat outside popular Sisha bars before the gunman started shooting them with his high powered rifle.

It seems the attack was fuelled by racist hatred and the Turkish government are in dialogue   with their counterparts in Germany.


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