Damaged exercise equipment replaced on Costa del Sol

20 new sets of equipment. Credit: Marbella.es

THE Paseo Maritimo that passes through San Pedro Alcantara has been very well stocked with exercise equipment and is popular with those who enjoy keeping fit but much of the equipment has deteriorated by use and the elements. The council has set aside a total of €23,000 (€18,000 for equipment and €5,000 for installation) in order to replace the units in 20 different beachside locations. Eight will be situated along the beach of La Salida with a further six each to the east and the west of the area and it is intended that over time additional assistance will be given to those who want to exercise.

Currently planned are callisthenics equipment on Avenida Mediterraneo and new Cross Fit circuits on the Paseo Maritimo. According to the deputy mayor Javier García, the council recognises the importance to residents and visitors and that the Paseo Maritimo must be as inviting as possible. The fact that new equipment is being installed will not only improve the look of the area but reflects the council’s commitment to health, sport and integration as half of the new units are adapted so that people who have some type of disability will be able to find more and better facilities when they want to exercise.

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