Crime rate falls in Altea, Costa Blanca

FEWER CRIMES: Miguel de la Hoz reveals 2019 police report. Photo credit: Altea town hall

ALTEA’s Policía Local were alerted or contacted 14,762 times last year in the Costa Blanca town. Officers took action on 285 occasions, a 25 per cent reduction in 2018, intervening in 281 crimes.
“This is a notable 28.31 per cent descent,” said the town hall’s Public Safety councillor Miguel de la Hoz.
“Our priority is improving safety for the local population,” he added.
“Last year’s figures are positive, but we shall go on working with the state’s law-enforcement bodies to ensure that the crime rate continues to fall.”
The Policia Local intervened in 33 cases of gender violence, 11 fewer than in 2018. The specialist ASTREA unit also supervised 81 restraining orders, eight more than the previous year.
“Gender violence is another priority and we shall continue using all our resources to eliminate this scourge,” De la Hoz declared. The 2019 report listed 76 cases of breaking and entering, 26 fewer than in 2018 although 23 occurred while occupants were inside the homes, more than in 2018, he admitted. Ninety people were injured in 444 road accidents last year, with 36 hit-and-run incidents. Fifty-four people were arrested for drink-driving while 33 people tested positive for drugs, several giving positive results for more than one substance. There were 109 complaints regarding animals and one case of animal cruelty.


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