The bipartite of Alicante confirms its commitment to private management for urban buses


The Partido Popular (PP) and Ciudadanos (Cs) ratify their commitment to a private management model in the public bus transport service of Alicante. Both parties plan to discuss in February the proposed agreement that is necessary to boost its tender.

The report prepared by the technicians of the Department of Transportation and the external advisory study entrusted to Broseta Abogados and Ingartek Consulting have concluded that the indirect or concessional management model would be the one that would best fit the conditions and needs of a city the size of Alicante, both for cost and efficiency, after evaluating existing public and private models in a dozen big Spanish cities.

Everything seems to indicate that, in this sense, the PP and Cs could get the support of Vox to rule the agreement. If this thrives, the bipartite could write the new conditions of the service and call the contest to regulate its provision before the end of the two-year extension granted to Masatusa (Vectalia group) in 2018, after its exploitation contract expires after 50 years.


The new concession would be granted for a shorter period, ranging from eight to 12 years. In addition, the bipartite has announced that it will invest in the rationalisation and reorganisation of the lines, the gradual renewal of the fleet of vehicles to try to make them all non-polluting and the introduction of new technologies in aspects such as payment systems or frequency control, as well as improving accessibility. However, the two political parties have not said anything yet about if modifications will be made to the current charging system.


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