The rate of organ donors in Murcia is 15 points above the national average


The hospitals of the Region of Murcia registered an organ donor rate of 15 points above the national average in 2019. This has allowed almost 400 transplants to be carried out in this province during the last year.

Of these transplants, 222 were tissue transplants and 174 organ transplants, 4% more than last year. Most of the transplants performed are from liver, bone marrow, kidney and cornea. In addition, the Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas, explained that during 2019 a total of 95 multiorgan donations were made.

Villegas has appealed to the responsibility of the media to sensitize society in terms of organ donations, showing the activity carried out and the successful results. He also noted that the rate of family refusal to donate organs is 9% in the Region of Murcia, six points below the national average.



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