The PSPV-PSOE claims that the new euthanasia law will be approved in June


The socialist deputy for Alicante, Yolanda Seva, has argued that the law of euthanasia that began its legislative process last week consolidates rights and freedoms for all Spanish citizens. In addition, Seva also highlighted the broad social support of this law, indicating that seven out of ten citizens are in favour of the regulation of euthanasia, according to Centre for Sociological Research (CIS) studies.

The committees that will ensure compliance with these regulations in each autonomous community are still unknown and have not yet been determined in the case of the Valencian Community. However, the provincial secretary of Health of the PSPV-PSOE, Rosa Louis Cereceda, has assured that the Valencian control committee will be multidisciplinary.

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Both political leaders have recalled that this law is aimed at those persons of legal age who suffer from a serious and incurable illness or who suffer from a serious, chronic and disabling illness. In order for doctors to proceed to euthanasia, the patient must request it twice in writing. The law now has to go through the Senate, and Seva is confident that by June it will finally be approved.

The two socialist women have declared that the law of euthanasia extends rights, does not obligate anyone, professionals or patients. However, it allows a person who suffers an irreversible, chronic, serious, disabling illness that produces intolerable suffering to have the right to end that pain.

On the other hand, Cereceda has stressed that health professionals who do not want to practice euthanasia may exercise their conscientious objection. However, she believes that most doctors support this rule. It is still unknown if the law will apply in all Valencian hospitals or only in some centres.


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