Murcia will not remove the parental pin unless required by a court order


The controversy over the parental pin continues to increase. The president of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, has reiterated that the Ministry of Education will not withdraw the parental pin unless required by the judicial authorities.

The parental pin implies that parents with underage children must issue authorisations since September for their children to attend complementary activities in schools. López Miras defends that the decision taken to impose the parental pin is legal and that it has favourable reports from the legal services of the counselling and from the educational inspection.

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The Ministry of Education gave a period of one month, which expired on Monday, February 17, to remove the parental pin. Otherwise, the government will take the case to court.

López Miras defends the parental pin promotes the freedom of fathers and mothers of underage children. However, a judge can order the withdrawal of this controversial measure imposed by Vox.


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