Mum has to say heartbreaking goodbye to her 13-week-old baby, after waiting 20 years to meet him


A devastated mother who waited 20 years to meet her baby, says heartbreaking goodbye when her 13-week-old son goes into cardiac arrest causing him to be brain-damaged.

This is the heartbreaking moment a devastated mum walked her ill baby son through a hospital corridor to their final goodbye.

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After waiting 20 years for a baby, Tammy Ireson, 39, switched off Wilber’s life support after a cardiac arrest left him severely brain-damaged.

Brave Tammy wants to share this heartbreaking picture so that other parents experiencing loss can see that even when “you feel this level of grief and anguish, you will survive it and somehow find a way to get through each day”.

Taken by Wilber’s father, the image shows the mum heartbroken as she carries her baby to a private room where they could say goodbye to him.

Now, Tammy has an elephant teddy with a recording of Wilber’s heartbeat inside, as well as some of his ashes, which she takes on holidays, outings and sets a place for at special mealtimes, ensuring Wilber is still a part of her family’s daily life.


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