King’s College Alicante: Technology applied to education


King’s College Alicante has been the first British school in Spain recognised by Google for using new technologies in the classroom. In this way, its innovative methods applied to pedagogy have managed to develop educational programs focused on students and their needs.

The excellent academic results that have been obtained with this revaluation of traditional teaching methods and study plans have succeeded in fostering the creativity of students and their interest in learning. In addition to getting students to integrate into the system, their abilities, critical thinking and understanding are enhanced through new technologies.

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This school has always implemented new technologies in the classroom, providing students with tools that are part of their natural learning process. The continuous innovation of King’s College Alicante has achieved the certification of the centre as “Google Reference School”, a title awarded by the Google for Education department. With this recognition, this school has become a partner of the international technology leader.


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