The General Council of the Judiciary proposes to create two new courts in Alicante to prosecute cases of abuse

VIDEO CONFERENCING: The move is to reduce risk of COVID19 infection.

With the aim of optimising the response of institutions to sexist violence, the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has agreed to the specialisation of 33 criminal courts for the prosecution and execution of issues of violence against women, as well as the creation of seven new judicial bodies of this type, two of them in Alicante.

With this proposal all provinces would have at least one specialised criminal court. During 2019, Spanish criminal courts prosecuted more than 30,000 people for crimes of gender violence and handed down more than 29,000 sentences.

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The adoption of this proposal would help to optimise the response of the institutions to sexist violence. The technical bodies of the CGPJ consider that it is really necessary to create new specialised judicial bodies due to the high number of criminal cases. In this way, the two new courts of Alicante would assume the prosecution and execution of gender violence issues exclusively.


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