Council committed to more parking on the Costa del Sol

Caption: The mayor inspects the work at La Candelaria. Credit: Ayuntamiento de Mijas

TWO major projects in Las Lagunas in Mijas are well underway which are costing €12 million and will provide undercover parking for 665 vehicles in order to alleviate the nightmare that is currently endured by local residents and their visitors. The car park in Candelaria which is costing €8 million and houses 505 places will be the larger of the two and will include a number of charging points for electric cars and as it is underground, there will be a brand new plaza opened above. There will be some major disruption as it is not planned to be completed until 2021, but will eventually make life much better for those in the area. The second, smaller underground car park at El Juncal will cost €4 million and have space for 160 vehicles also with electric charging points and the land above will be made over for recreational use.

Importantly, the council has given an assurance that prices for parking will be reasonable and no spaces will be sold in order to avoid speculation. Alert to the ever-increasing need for free car parking throughout the municipality, Mijas Council has also committed €32,000 to allow works to be undertaken to maintain or create suitable parking spots. In some cases, it will create parking with permission of owners of land and will also turn over to public parking land actually owned by the council. There are currently 2,000 free parking spaces around Mijas and the environs in 30 car parks of which the land for 20 is privately owned with the balance in council hands. Additional parking will be created during the year in a range of different parts of the town in order to ensure that visitors are also able to park easily and safely.

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