40,000 collective antennas in the Region of Murcia must adapt to the change of DTT, starting this week


Almost 40,000 collective antennas located in the centre and south of the Region of Murcia must be adapted before June 30 by the digital terrestrial television (DTT) frequency shutdown. These frequencies should be free for Fifth Generation (5G) telecommunications networks.

On Monday, February 17, the frequency change on digital terrestrial television began in the municipalities whose antennas are oriented to the broadcasting centres of Águilas, Carrascoy, Cartagena, Isla Plana and Orange Lorca II, which have a population of more than one million inhabitants. The need to adapt the antennas will only affect buildings and not individual homes, where televisions will only need to be re-tuned.

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The Council of Ministers approved in June 2019 a consignment of 145 million euros to balance out the costs of adapting the facilities and aid is also planned for television channels.

Applications to receive aid, which will be managed by the public company Red.es, may be submitted online until September 30, 2020, after having previously made the adaptation of the DTT signal reception facilities, between June 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020. For this purpose, it will be necessary to present supporting documentation, such as the invoice and the installation bulletin.


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