The bird protection zone of the El Hondo Natural Park is doubled


The management of the Management of the Natural Park of El Hondo, the Governing Board, Carrizales Irrigators and environmentalists have agreed that the Area of ​​Special Protection for Birds (ZEPA) of the area will be extended to almost double its surface. In this way, the protected area will reach Santa Pola and San Fulgencio.

This ZEPA zone will go from almost 2,400 hectares to 3,900 hectares, covering the entire surface of Carrizales to Santa Pola, and the part of the wetland located in Dolores and San Fulgencio, including the Fondet of Amorós. This extension of the Natura 2000 Network was claimed by the Generalitat Valenciana for five years by the Carrizales irrigators.

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As a consequence, farmers will be obliged to apply a series of measures, such as “preserving the irrigation canals of the land, using traditional and sustainable methods in their activities, not making fire, protecting native plant species –such as common reed grass and tamarit–, so that birdlife can nest and take refuge, and perform control pests in a sustainable way, without insecticides or herbicides”, according to the president of the Governing Board, Vicent Sansano.


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