Alicante promotes green jobs


According to the study “Diagnosis of climate change and employment opportunities in the province of Alicante”, Alicante is the sixth province in number of green Jobs. In 2017, this area had 9,089 workers in sectors related to the environment, according to data from the INE (National Statistics Institute). The ecological economy generated 2.18% of the province’s employment during that year, while the Spanish average is 2.15%.

This study intends to carry out a diagnosis on the impact of climate change in the different production sectors of the province, at the same time as it highlights the employment opportunities that arise from the prevention and mitigation of the negative effects of this phenomenon. In this way, the digital ecosystem is expected to generate new business and employment market niches in terms of energy efficiency, renewable energy and new technologies.

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The excellent climate of Alicante, which offers more than 3,000 hours of solar radiation per year, is an excellent platform to boost photovoltaic energy and its components. Likewise, the province’s environmental excellence also offers 68 Blue Flag beaches, marinas, golf courses, protected areas and ten natural parks.

To promote tourism, environmental training will focus on energy efficiency and home automation in hotels and tourist apartments. Geothermal installations, the development of the network of electric vehicle charging points and the use of drones in the agricultural, livestock and forestry areas will also be promoted.


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