Works on Costa Almeria road connecting Albanchez and Rambla Aljibe done and dusted

UPGRADED: “The improvement is evident”, the Public Works deputy remarked CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

WORKS on the road connecting Albanchez and Rambla Aljibe in Lubrin are done and dusted, the Diputacion de Almeria reported.

The provincial administration update project for the AL-6107 involved adapting the highway to the current volume of traffic, and included resurfacing and improving drainage.

The road had been in a somewhat deteriorated condition due to the passage of time and the effects of the weather.


The €200,000 investment in the project came under the Diputacion’s Provincial Highway Plan for modernising Almeria’s roads and making them safer for motorists.

Commenting during a visit with Albanchez Mayor Amador Lopez to see the results of the investment, Diputacion Public Works deputy Oscar Liria remarked “the improvement is evident, and will impact directly on the safety and comfort of all users of this road.”

The deputy maintained the provincial administration’s “top concern is to provide more and better services to all municipalities and to make opportunities equal among Almerians, wherever they live, and in this respect the provincial highway network is a basic infrastructure for achieving this objective.”

Projects of this kind “are not major works, but are essential for everyday life and for the well-being of all road users”, the deputy added.

“With these improvements we better connect all Almerians and visitors through the more than 1,200 kilometres of the Provincial Highway Network and their connections with the rest of the Almeria province roads.”


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