WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGES Playboy model almost looses her arm when her Pitbulls attack


52-year-old Playboy model, Heather Parkhurst was petting one of her pitbulls, Baby when the older pitbull, Buddha became jealous causing Parkhurst to almost lose one of her arms.

Playboy model Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst almost lost one of her arms when her two pitbulls attacked her at home in a terrifying incident over the weekend.

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The 52-year-old, who has appeared in the films Beverly Hills Cop III and Aplha Dog, was petting one of her pitbulls when the other one became jealous. Parkhurst was unfortunately stuck in the middle of their fight.

On Tuesday, the model shared several bloody images of her dog bites taken from her hospital bed. Her injuries were so severe she required emergency surgery.

Model, Parkhurst shared several bloody images of her dog bites

Parkhurst was petting her young pitbull named Baby, who is only seven months old, when her older pitbull Buddha, who is eight years old, started to feel jealous and started growling.

The tension grew between the two dogs and they started attacking each other in a terrifying brawl.

Heather tried to stop the dogs and that is when her right hand and arm got bitten and scratched, as the images show.

Parkhurst, right arm required emergency surgery, where she nearly lost her arm

After she was admitted, the doctor confirmed that she had ‘crushed bones in her hand, torn ligaments and other deep cuts throughout her arm’.

The doctor also confirmed that she will ‘require nearly a year of therapy to recover’.

It has been confirmed that the dogs will not be taken away as Parkhurst and her fiancé Mark Nason, are ‘huge pit bull advocates’.


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