Seven arrests for series of robberies in Palma in Mallorca

IDENTIFIED: Police said five of the detainees were young Algerian and Moroccan men and two were minors. CREDIT: Shutterstock

SEVEN men suspected of carrying out a series of violent robberies in different Palma neighbourhoods over the weekend are under arrest.

National Police made the first detention in the early hours of Saturday morning. A patrol spotted three individuals crossing the road, who when they realised there was a police vehicle nearby began throwing items to the ground. Suspicious, the officers got out their vehicle and followed them on foot.

They identified the three and recovered the discarded items, which turned out to belong to someone who had just been mugged.


Just hours before the trio had jumped on the victim and thrown him to the floor, hitting him while grabbing belongings of value.

The officers found several mobile phones and stolen items hidden in the detainees’ clothing.

About an hour and half later two officers noticed another three individuals who took off as soon as they saw the police. They were also intercepted and identified, one of them having chucked a mobile away during the chase.

A search of the three led to the discovery of five mobiles and four wallets with the personal documentation of other people, which have seen been returned to the rightful owners.

The seventh arrest was near the Parque de las Estaciones. A car owner realised his vehicle had been broken into and there was someone inside trying to open the glove box. The thief immediately made off, but police caught him with him within minutes, seizing a screwdriver and several items he had stolen from the car owner.

Further investigations revealed the man was suspected of involvement in another robbery at the end of January, when a vehicle window was smashed and several items were removed from the interior.

Police identified the seven arrested individuals as five men of Algerian and Moroccan origin aged between 18 and 20 and two minors.


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