Passenger on British Airways flight ADMITS threatening air hostess

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A drunk passenger on a British Airways flight, admits threatening an air hostess on a flight from Singapore after he verbally abused her and demand alcohol when he was refused. 

A Polish man aged 39, caused havoc when he threatened the air hostess and shouted ‘I want Vodka.’

On October 12 last year, Daniel Ksiazek yelled at the cabin staff, ‘c*** ‘ and ‘f***ing a**hole’. The seatbelt sign was on and he jumped up from his seat, and tried to force the cabin crew to give him an alcoholic drinks.


He appeared at Uxbridge Magistrates Court today, and admitted using threatening words and behaviour. In court it was heard crew member Tanya Murphy was convinced he was going to attack her.

Before storming back to his seat, he told the air hostess: ‘Does your husband love you? No, because you’re a c***.

Prosecutor Zahra Shah said: ‘Back on October 12 2019 there was a BA flight from Singapore to Heathrow, this defendant was on that flight, Tanya Murphy was cabin crew and Mr Waltham was a customer service manager.

‘Mr Waltham says he was on duty at the time when he was told by crew members that they were talking to a male passenger who was causing issues and they had stopped serving him alcohol.

‘He said the passenger leaned towards him in an aggressive manner and called him a f***ing a**hole and stormed off to his seat. He kept walking up to front of aircraft and came up to him again in aggressive tone and said f*** you and then walked up to the back of the plane.

‘Ms Murphy says at 10.30pm her colleague told her they had been approached by a difficult male demanding drinks.

‘They said the male was very intimidating, he was a big guy and he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

‘She saw a male who was heavily intoxicated and he said: ”I need a drink I need to sleep.”

‘She then spoke to that male and said he needed to sit down as the seatbelt sign was on.

‘It was then she realised this was the male passenger her colleague was referring to. She told him to sit down, he said ”I want vodka”.

‘She followed him back to his chair, he raised his hand and she thought he was going to strike her.’

Mr Ksiasik, who was representing himself in court, said he had been mixing drink with pain relief medication for an injury that he had sustained at his work in Singapore.


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