Measures to limit speed and noise on Mallorca’s Tramuntana mountain road

DEMAND: The island administration said the measures were a response to a call from local residents to take action. CREDIT:

THE Consell de Mallorca is taking measures to reduce speed and noise on the Serra de Tramuntana mountain road.

Specifically, the island administration is reducing the speed limit at the Ses Barques viewing point zone, kilometre 43.9, from 70 to 50 kilometres per hour and has prohibited overtaking. In addition speed bumps and rumble strips have been installed on both lanes to increase road safety.

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The administration said the measures are a response to a “long-standing demand” from local residents given the level of risk on the highway and the nuisance of the noise from passing motorbikes.

Mobility and Infrastructure councillor Ivan Sevillano made a pledge to the platform of affected residents to work alongside the competent administrations.

“We find ourselves facing an environmental problem which affects the Serra, a UNESCO world heritage site, a problem of coexistence and a problem of highway safety and of civic character for drivers and users of the road, especially at this point”, Sevillano commented.

The road “is not a race track”, the councillor stressed.

“We are aware that the majority of motorists use the road correctly, but when it comes to serious cases detected in the area we are taking action”, he added.


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