Learn some self-defence in Alfaz, Costa Blanca

Credit: Shutterstcok

JIU-JITSU BRASILEÑO holds an open day on the Costa Blanca at Alfaz’s municipal gymnasium at 10am on Saturday, February 29. Organised by the Alfaz Fitness Club in collaboration with the town hall sports department, this activity suits all members of the public, explained the club’s president Elisa Elvar.
“But it is also directed at women, as this is a comprehensive sports activity that is recommendable for its defence techniques,” she said. Alfaz Fitness Club has been holding Jiu-Jitsu Brasileño classes since last October and at present has one instructor although there will be two experts attending to those attending the Open Day.
“Jiu-jitsu is a martial art, a combat sport and a personal defence system of Japanese origin but developed in Brazil,” Elisa explained.
“Notably we have pupils of all ages,” she added. Alfaz’s Sports councillor Oscar Perez encouraged all Alfaz residents, but especially women, as the Open Day is particularly aimed at them.


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