Claims trawlers killing harmless sharks with machetes in Mallorca

GASH: Mallorca Blue claims the neck injury was caused by a machete CREDIT: MallorcaBlue Twitter @Mallorca_BLUE

THE Mallorca Blue association claims trawlers are killing harmless sharks with machetes

The group posted a video on social media on Monday of the body of a Hexanchus griseus, or cow shark, with a large gash in its neck labelled “machete cut”, and accompanied by the comment “another inoffensive shark from the depths killed by a machete from a trawler in Mallorca.

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“They destroy seabed habitats with unselective, unsustainable fishing, protected and

subsidized by our administrations”, the post continues.

“Nobody sees it, only the floating cow sharks.”

According to Mallorca Blue, boats use machetes against the large creatures if they get near to the boat.

The association called for members or the public to advise the authorities if they come across dead sharks, who will take the corpses away and dispose of them.


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