Carer arrested for swindling thousands out of elderly woman in La Rioja in Spain

LACKING SCRUPLES: Investigators said the woman won the confidence of people in her care to gain access to their bank accounts. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A LA Rioja carer is under arrest for swindling an elderly woman out of thousands of euros.

Guardia Civil detained the 43-year old for the fraudulent use of an 84-year old’s credit card to the tune of more than €14,000.

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Investigators described the carer from the town of Santo Domingo de la Calzada as “a trickster lacking in scruples, who won the confidence of people in her care to get access to their bank accounts with the only aim of taking the money.”

The investigation centred on an analysis of the bank account movements and the people around the elderly lady, leading to the conclusion that the carer had managed to get access to the 84-year old’s credit card and PIN number.

The Guardia found that between last October and January she used the card to take out money adding up to just over €8,500 from cashpoints in different towns. At the same time she used to card to play in bingo halls and to place bets, running up a further €5,448.


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