Altea’s much-travelled bridge in Costa Blanca

Bridges getting us across. Credit: Shutterstock

A METAL bridge that crossed the Line 9 track in Altea on the Costa Blanca until last October, will now be used in Agost. After the bridge was removed in October 2015 it was first taken to Teuladabut is now at the FGV workshops in Denia. The old Altea structure will replace a shorter footbridge whose stone-built base occupied too much space on the hard shoulder on either side of the CV-820 road between Agost and Novelda. This put pedestrians and cyclists at risk while posing problems for heavy lorries where the road narrowed. Regional rail operator FGV agreed to cede the 22-metre footbridge that originally crossed the Moneder stream in Altea, where it was installed more than a century ago. The regional government’s Territorial Policies, Public Works and Mobility will pay to transport the bridge to Agost and also cover the future cost of its upkeep.


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