Tax exemption on Costa Almeria constructions and facilities battered by Storm Gloria in Nijar

AIM: The Mayor said the council wanted to provide “equal access to the greatest amount of help possible to rebuild what the storms brought down.” CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Nijar

NIJAR council has declared of special municipal interest the construction of structures and facilities and works carried out in the municipality as a result of the damage wreaked by Storm Gloria in January.

The classification means that farmers or anyone affected by the extreme weather events will be exempt from paying municipal taxes stemming from these constructions.

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The local authority implemented the same measure following the storms back in September.

Nijar Mayor Esperanza Perez Felices maintained that farmers requesting licences in the wake of the autumn’s extreme weather “have already confirmed the effectiveness of the measure of reducing taxes by the maximum allowed by the law.

“We are going to extend this benefit to all those who suffered damage on January 22”, she commented after the emergency point got the backing of the centre-left PSOE and conservative Popular Party councillors.

The councillor from the far-right Vox party voted against.

The measure relates to structures, facilities and works affecting homes, buildings, businesses, commercial, industrial, professional and tourism establishments, greenhouses, agricultural exploitations and woods, or anything similar or related which was directly damaged by the storm.

Explained Perez Felices, “the range of action is very wide because so many were affected, not only farms.

“Our aim is that everyone has equal access to the greatest amount of help possible to rebuild what the storms brought down, whether via the subsidies which are being organised in some cases or via exemption from local taxes which we can reduce as much as the law permits.”


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