Spanish F18 Fighter Jets On Exercise Operations Over The Costa Del Sol Spain


Through the skies of Spain’s Costa Del Sol this week F18 fighter jets are on exercise burning through the skyline.

Residents on the Costa del Sol were woken this morning as the powerful jets flew over wondering what was taking place as low level simulated dog fight drills were performed.

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It’s all part though of a full weeks exercise by the Spanish Air Force which has led to some amazing spectacular views as the fighter pilots practice battles in the sky with the  “enemy”

The F18 fighter jet is supersonic and it’s thrust is tremendous and anticipated this week are some super sonic booms as the drills take place.

The planes will be joined by the Spanish Navy in the Med on the exercise with over 900 sailors taking part as well as the air crews ” battling” in the skies.

frigate ‘Admiral Juan de Borbon’ will also be seen off the Costa del Sol as it joins in the “war games”

Many have taken to the sea front to watch the “battles” take place and Ex Naval Fleet Chief Jimmy Quinn told the Euro Weekly News how it brought back so many memories.

Mr Quinn, who served himself in the Fleet Air Arm based at HMS Heron served on, HMS Ark Royal, HMS Invincible and HMS Hermes including the Falklands war and Suez Canal crisis said: ” It brings back so many memories, although it’s a lot different these days- we had Buccaneers, Phantoms and then moved onto the Sea Harriers, these fighters today are so much faster, but it brings back many fond memories of “war games” I used to have to land them onto a flight deck with a trip wire, when we had rookie pilots it was often heads down if they missed the wire and had to boost up and go around again”

” It’s still fantastic to watch though” said Ex Fleet Officer Jimmy.

People across the Costa del Sol take view the drills taking place with a good spot but will certainly hear the war games taking place.







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