First £10,000 NHS Bionic Hand Given to Ex-Soldier Who Lost Arm in Afghanistan

Darren Fuller now able to play with daughter

An ex-soldier who had his right arm blown off whilst in Afghanistan in 2008 has become the first former serviceman to be be given a £10,000 bionic arm on the NHS. 

Darren Fuller, a 43-year-old father from Essex, lost his right hand and forearm after a mortar misfired and struck him. Darren says he is amazed by the range of things he is now able to do, after missing out on so much following his injury.

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He is now able to hug and play with his four-year-old daughter, Sky, as well as being able to eat with a both a knife and fork for the first time in many years. Darren has expressed how his new arm has given him a new lease of life.

The arm itself works by detecting electrical signals from the muscles in his upper arm. It was produced by a state-of-the-art 3D printer and provides it’s users with ‘unparalleled use of the fingers.’

Mr Fuller said: “I can now do so many of the little things that most people take for granted, I’m so happy.

“I can hug my daughter and play games with her in a way I have never been able to before, it’s amazing.

“There are so many things I’m doing two handed compared to before, and so many things I’m still discovering. It’s a really exciting time.”


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