Creating opportunities for Costa Blanca school dropouts in Orihuela

TARGET: The progamme is aimed at 16 to 21-year olds who leave school without qualifications CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Orihuela

ORIHUELA council’s Youth department has launched a new edition of an initiative aimed at creating opportunities for local youngsters.

The ‘Jove Oportunitat’ JOOP programme is directed at 16 to 21-year olds who leave school without qualifications, “young people found behind the statistics for school dropouts”, explained Youth councillor Mar Ezcurra.

The programme objectives are to change the young participants’ ways of thinking and acting, working on their attitudes and supporting them in building a life plan with achievable goals. They will receive intensive group and individual coaching.


The idea is encourage the young people to reflect on what they want to do with their futures, to ensure they are capable of taking responsible, well thought-out decisions on their professional path, to look at how to improve their qualifications, and to make them aware that it takes time to be in the running for quality, long-term jobs. That is, that they take control of their lives.

The councillor underlined the importance of the involvement of teachers and youth guides and professionals in the initiative “as it is they who know the young men and women best who need JOOP.”

The JOOP programme is backed by the IVAJ Valencia Youth Institut and financed by European social funds.


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