Urgent Search Operation launched for woman who disappeared in sea during Storm Dennis

A frantic search is on for a women missing since 4.0 am this morning

A frantic search operation has been launched to try to find a woman thought to have gone into the sea at about 4 am this morning as Storm Dennis stirred up giant waves.

Despite hours of searching the woman has not yet been located, rescuers are expected to resume searching again shortly.

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Air-sea rescue boats were launched after the woman was reported missing

The Coastguard helicopter spent more than two hours searching the water between the Marina and Palace Pier in Brighton.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “The alarm was raised by members of the public at about 2.45 am after a woman was seen in the water.

A lone rescue worker shines his torch into the huge waves

“She has not yet been located and the Coastguard are preparing to recommence their search shortly.”

More details to follow.


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