STRANGE DISCOVERY: 13 African pythons were found dumped inside a child’s pillowcase


The RSPCA are appealing for information after a member of the public found thirteen African pythons dumped inside Buzz Lightyear pillowcases in Sunderland, England.

The pillowcases were dumped on the street outside a fire station, when a shocked member of the public spotted the Toy Story themed pillowcase’s wriggling.

13 snakes, were found dumped in a child’s pillowcase

The RSPCA were called and an animal collection officer recovered the snakes, which were identified as pythons from Africa.


RSPCA officer David Dawson said: “When I opened up the pillowcases, there was a bundle of snakes inside.

“It must have been a very strange discovery for the people who found them.

“They were abandoned next to a bin round the back of a fire station and left in extremely cold conditions.

“Reptiles like snakes are completely dependant on their owners, who need to provide them with the correct environment, including heating and lighting, so abandoning them like this leaves them very vulnerable.

“It’s quite unusual for someone to have this many pythons and to abandon them in what appears to be a child’s pillowcase.”

The RSPCA are appealing for information and urge anyone who might know anything to contact them on their appeal line.


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