Danny Cipriani says he missed Caroline Flacks call due to a game and he’s never cried so much

Credit: Twitter

Caroline Flack’s ex-rugby player Danny Cipriani says he ‘missed her call because of a game’ and reveals that he’s been up all night and never cried so much. 

The pair dated in mid 2019 for a short period of eight weeks before Caroline broke it off because she saw ‘no long term future’. On Friday night Danny was playing for Gloucester in their game against Exeter.

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Danny tweeted after the news broke about Caroline’s death in a a response to someone accusing him of using Caroline’s death to get attention, he said: “I don’t know who you are. I sincerely hope you get the love you never received.

“This has nothing to do with a game. I missed her call because of a f***ing game. I’ve been up all night. Never cried this much, but I’m showing u it’s ok to be vulnerable.”

Today it was revealed that ambulance crews were sent to her home on Friday over concerns for her welfare, but they decided not to take her to hospital.



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