Man delivers his newborn son on the M5

Credit: Twitter

Joshua Mogg was on the way to Taunton hospital before being stuck in roadworks, leaving him no option to deliver the baby on the front seat of the car. 

Josh’s partner Jayne Rowland was in her final stages of labour when they were stuck on the M5 in Somerset. Josh rang 999 for help and two minutes later their son was born, the family had to pull over on the inside lane of the motorway as there was no hard shoulder.

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Emergency services arrived moments after the baby was born. Jayne described the morning as she was due to be induced at 9.30am that however things started moving quicker than planned. She said: ‘I’d had discomfort for around three weeks, and didn’t feel anything different when I woke up that day. But the pain got worse and worse in the car, so I asked Josh to pull over.

‘Everything seemed to happen very quickly. The call handler talked it through with us, and then the paramedics and police arrived. They all made such a difference. We’re so thankful. I just wanted to get to the hospital safely and on time. It wasn’t until afterwards that I realised how much danger we were in, because there was nowhere safe to stop in the roadworks.’ She also held praise to the lorry driver who pulled over and put his hazards on to help prevent any accidents.


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