Shoppers Blush at Tesco’s Naughty Valentine’s Day Ad in Bristol

Tesco, Gloucester Rd, Bristol

A provocative poster has emerged inside a Tesco store in Bristol for this year’s Valentine’s Day. 

The poster found at a store on Gloucester Road, Bristol, encourages customers to ‘explore a wide range of cucumbers with loved ones’ for this Valentine’s Day.

The poster promotes a special deal where customers can pick one up for just 20p. However, Tesco have said that it is ‘nothing to do with them’ and that it is not part of their official advertising campaign – despite the poster featuring the supermarket’s recognisable slogan and branding.


One shopper said: “I was in Tesco on Gloucester Road and came across this poster in the same format as Tesco would use for a sales poster, but it communicates very explicit and humorous views on Valentines and love relationships.”

A Tesco spokesperson has commented: “This is not one of our posters, but we do have a wide range of more conventional Valentine’s gifts to choose from, including chocolates and flowers.”



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