Malaga car thieves go high tech on the Costa del Sol

No forced entry Credit: Shutterstock

POLICE in Malaga has dismantled a gang of thieves who opened cars without forcing them, which leads officers to believe that they had copied the codes of the keys through some radiofrequency system. Four young people, one 19-year-old and three minors, of 15, 16 and 17 years, have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of vehicle theft.
The events took place around 5.10am on February 2 at the entrance to Bulevar Presidente Adolfo Suárez on when a police patrol noticed five individuals who seemed to be stealing from parked vehicles, four of them entering a car while the fifth opened another nearby.
Upon becoming aware of the police presence, the young men ran away whilst offloading several stolen objects as they left the scene.
The officer who gave chase managed to catch one of the individuals when he tried to climb a two-metre high wall. An officer chasing them in a police car managed to catch another three but lost one.
When the police returned to the scene, they discovered a total of six vehicles open, all of them from the same car make, and specifically five of the same model, inside they had ransacked the cars and tried to steal LCD screens, breaking them in the process.


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