Child ‘sexually assaulted by Hindu temple priest’ in Spain’s Mallorca

A prayer session at a Hindu temple. Credit: Adobe stock.

THE National Police have arrested a Hindu temple priest in Spain’s Mallorca for allegedly sexually assaulting a child.

As reported by investigators working on the case, the victim’s father had reported the crime to the police, claiming that his young daughter, whose age has not been disclosed, was sexually assaulted by the religious leader.

It is understood that whilst at the religious centre, the man had invited the child into a private room whilst her family were praying. Once inside, he gave the young girl a euro and began to touch her on her breasts and intimate area. Two days later, he repeated the crime again.


The child had confessed what had happened to her older brother who in turn told their father. Before going to the police, the father went to confront his daughter’s alleged abuser who denied the act, leading the father to hang a poster outside of the centre warning civilians that every child inside the building was in danger.

The child’s family then decided to go to the National Police with the alleged perpetrator arrested for sexually abusing a child.

As Euro Weekly News understands, investigators have found evidence that the detainee planned to flee the country, booing an international flight out of Mallorca.


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