The Spanish In Quarantine Over Coronavirus Fears To Be Discharged Today

SUPPORT: Coronavirus unites communities of expats. Credit: Shutterstock

THE group, made up of about twenty people, arrived in Madrid on January 31st in a plane chartered by the United Kingdom which flew in from Wuhan.

The group of Spaniards from Wuhan (China), epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, who are under quarantine at the Gomez Ulla Hospital in Madrid will be released from the hospital today, Thursday 13, as confirmed by sources at the Moncloa.

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As Euro Weekly News understands, non of the Spaniards who have been kept in quarantine have presented any symptoms during the 14 days in isolation. All have tested negative in the successive tests that have been carried out to rule out the spread of coronavirus.

During these last 14 days, the group of twenty have lived a “normal life,” receiving visits from family members, and have undergone regular medical check-ups that have demonstrated the absence of the virus.

The 14-day quarantine period ends today and they will be subsequently discharged.


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