Marking the way for cycling enthusiasts on the Costa Almeria

BENEFIT: The deputy said the cyclist-friendly roads were contributing to an upturn in active tourism. CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

THE Diputacion de Almeria has announced it is going to add more sections to the provincial map of currently more than 300 kilometres of roads marked as suitable for cyclists.

Public Works deputy Oscar Liria said this year signposting specifically for cyclists will be installed on the mountain passes of the AL-5407 going through Collado Ramal and the AL-5405 between Abla and Escullar.

The signs will be put up at the beginning and end of the sections, featuring information like the maximum and average incline and distance.


Liria explained there are already four other provincial mountain roads included on the map: the AL-3100 in Sierra Alhamilla, the AL-3102 from Velefique to Bacares, the AL-4404 in Calar Alto and the AL-5402 from Bayarcal to Paterna.

According to the deputy these roads have become very popular with cyclists, not just from Almeria, but also from Granada, Malaga and Murcia.

“The investment in improving cyclist security is translating into an upturn in active tourism and the return of major sporting events to the province”, he affirmed.

As well as the mountain roads there are a further 26 provincial highways which attract large numbers of cyclists with special signposting to warn motorists.

“In a province with climatic characteristics like Almeria it is essential to make compatible the use of the roads for cars and cyclists, having maximum guarantees for everyone”, the deputy stressed.

“With this initiative we have managed to improve safety and highlight the itineraries the provinces offers us for practicing and enjoying using bicycles.”


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