I’m still very patriotic

TRACKING DEVICE: Should be obligatory.
TRACKING DEVICE: Should be obligatory.

I really do wish people would stop asking me why, as a resident of Spain, I should be writing and giving my opinions on events and situations that arise in the UK? Well, the simple answer to that is, it’s what I do.

I am still a very patriotic and staunch supporter of my birth country and, although I don’t actually reside there, I do visit on a fairly regular basis.

Because of my profession, I also often find myself travelling there quite extensively. Another more important advantage of being on the outside, looking in as it were, is that you can get a far broader and often more unbiased perspective of a situation – one that can often elude those who live in the confines of the same environment day in and day out. This brings me neatly into this week’s gripe.


Yet another atrocity committed by a ‘home grown’ terrorist has brought mayhem to a peaceful British shopping centre. Yet another prisoner on early release has been allowed to walk freely among innocent citizens and maim and injure before being shot dead. No doubt there was plenty of high fiving and ‘Allah Akbars’ in a number of the British prisons holding a seething cauldron of fanatics who also can’t wait to get out and carve their own bloody path to Shangri la. And what ideas do the authorities come up with to combat the problem? Well, quite frankly not a lot.

Adding 25 per cent to a sentence already cut in half, in the forlorn hope that it will give the luvvies more time to de-radicalise these people, simply doesn’t hack it. In the first place, it merely postpones the release of fanatics who will have become even more disgruntled and secondly; de-radicalisation is simply not an option. This twisted ideology is the very reason for their existence. It is all powerful. They actually want to die for it.

Dogma of this nature cannot be somehow conveniently exorcised. Even the peace loving Christians went to the lions rather than surrender their religion.

What the authorities need to do is get tough. First of all they must relieve these monsters of all their human rights. The introduction of a mandatory full 10-year sentence for any terrorist related offence, including the accessing or passing of terrorist propaganda or its ideology in any form. Whole life sentences for all violent terrorist actions. Stopping all benefits and, as a deterrent, possible deportations of all the perpetrator’s close family members. (‘He was such a lovely boy’!)

The constructions of high security prisons, preferably on some uninhabited island, with solitary confinement, a minimum of association and communication and access to only limited privileges that have to be earned.

And most important of all, chipping. The obligatory insertion of a device that can not only track, but record all conversations between inmates. This should also remain for life should they ever be released. Inhumane? Tell that to the families of all the innocent loved ones who have been slaughtered by these scourges on our society.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy
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