Hitman “The Dirty One” Luis Carlos Aguilar Gallego Now Resides In Spain As A Pastor

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Spain is now the home of a “hitman” who worked for Pablo Escobar the infamous drug lord.

Known as “The Dirty” Luis Carlos Aguilar Gallego, is still under investigation in his native Columbia but is now living here in Spain as a pastor.

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“The Dirty” was a feared hitman for the  Medellin Cartel during the narco wars of the 1980s and ‘90s and is understood to “taken out” many other drug gang members.

Cops have also linked him to bombings, Avianca Flight 203 in November 1989 which killed 110 people as well as a bombing on the Administrative Department of Security in Columbia.

Gang lord Escobar was shot dead eventually as he and other gang members fell in a hail of bullets as they tried to escape their bolt hole after being tracked down but “The Dirty One” escaped.

He is still alleged to be under surveillance by the FBI despite turning to God to escape his previous life as a hitman.



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