Colombian man on trial for Fuengirola stabbings on the Costa del Sol

Aggressor travelled by bike Credit: Policia Local

THE Prosecutor’s Office has asked for 14 years in jail for a young Colombian man accused of stabbing two pedestrians in Fuengirola.

The events, which occurred at the end of November 2018, caused great concern among the residents of the town since the attacks had been randomly aimed at two pedestrians without any form of motive. The stabbings took place close to the Fuengirola bus station and promenade.

The first of the events was recorded at 7.35am on November 23 when a 50-year-old British man was on his way to work and was hit by the suspect, who was riding a bike. Continuing on his way he touched his back and realised that he was bleeding. The Prosecutor’s Office assures that he was attacked from behind to prevent him from defending himself. The stabbing caused a lung injury for which he would have died if he had not received urgent medical treatment.

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The second of the attacks took place only five minutes later, about 200 metres away from the first. In this case, the suspect approached the victim, a Brazilian, with the excuse of asking him for a cigarette. Then stabbed him up to five times, luckily the injuries he caused were not so serious.

The Prosecutor’s Office insists that the defendant must be punished for a crime of attempted murder and another for injuries. In addition to the aforementioned prison sentence, they have also requested €6,400 of compensation for the man seriously injured and €5,300 for the other.


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