Chloe Haines Gets A 2 Year Prison Sentence For Attempting To Open Aircraft Door In Flight Whilst Threatening To Kill Everyone Onboard


Air passenger Chloe Haines aged 26 has been sent to jail for 2 years after attempting to open the door of an aircraft threatening to kill all the passengers.

Haines appeared at court in Chelmsford Essex England where she received the 2 year sentence.

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The crown court judge heard how Haines took a flight from Stanstead airport to Dalman in Turkey when he she yelled “I’m going to kill you all” and made a lunge for the aircraft door.

Startled cabin crew alerted the pilots of the Jet2 flight who reacted by immediately contacting the control tower, the threat was that extreme that 2 RAF typhoon fighter jets were scrambled and escorted the plane back to the Essex based airport.

The court heard how passengers assisted cabin crew in wrestling Haines to the floor of the aircraft and assisted in controlling her as she fought passengers before handing her over to the police on re landing.

The judge also heard how the cost of 86,000 GBP was incurred by the airline due to the event.

Haines sobbed through the hearing constantly but the judge had no sympathy and sentenced Haines to prison for a 2 year period.



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