Peace reigns at Altea’s police station on the Costa Blanca

Caption: ARBITRATION: Town hall and Policia Local settle differences. Photo credit: Altea town hall

Costa Blanca’s Policia Local in Altea, are once again working overtime.
Earlier, officers said that they would not work night shifts or overtime after the town hall announced that it intended to retain these payments. The officers expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision during the plenary meeting at the end of January together with Human Resources councillor Rafael Mompo’s “bad manners.”

This was followed by week-long meetings between the local government, union officials representing the Policia Local and legal advisers from both sides. Also present were representatives from the outside company that, after being brought in by the town hall, detected duplicated overtime and nightshift payments, prompting the town hall’s decision to retain these temporarily. Altea’s mayor Jaume Llinares later explained that all involved would set up a working committee to tackle the discrepancies and come up with a solution.

“This will then be taken to the negotiating table and later included in a collective agreement and Posts Schedule (RPT), which is what should have been done before,” Llinares said. The preliminary agreement included lifting the suspension of night shift payments while waiting for the negotiating table’s decision. Union officials from the Policia Local later expressed satisfaction with the direction that negotiations were taking and also thanked Mompo.
“He explained that he had not intended to offend us or for the situation to have escalated as it did,” a spokesman said.

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