Pascual González and the Cantores de Híspalis musical group perform in Spain’s Costa del Sol

Pascual González on stage with Cantores de Híspalis. CREDIT: Cristo Pasion y Esperanza.

THE acclaimed Pascual González and the Cantores de Híspalis musical group will perform on stage at the Promotion Building in Alhaurín de la Torre, Malaga in Spain’s Costa del Sol on February 27.

As part of a tour entitled ‘Christ. Passion and Hope’, guests are set to be enthralled by a musical show full of emotion that has been renewed by audio-visual elements.

Fusing a combination of genres rooted under a religious thread which tells the story of Jesus Christ, Pascual González will perform alongside Juan Luis Calceteiro, Carlos Ruiz, Diego Benjumea and Álex Hernández. They will be joined by the quintet of La Caleta from the Julio Pardo choir as well as the sextet of Virtuosos de la Corneta.


In their 2019 tour more than 100,000 people were moved by ‘Christ. Passion and Hope’ which saw 24 concerts brought to life across the country in 43 days.

Born in Seville in 1950, González is the founder of Cantores de Híspalis, composing almost a thousand works including Paloma San Basilio, Massiel, Dynamic Duo, Romero Sanjuán.

For those interested in attending this year’s edition, tickets can be purchased at


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