More Animals Adopted as Pets Rather Than Being Destroyed in Costa del Sol Town Spain

Councillor Javier García Lara announced the good news Credit: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

FOR many years, unless picked up by a voluntary charity group, stray or abandoned dogs and cats could look forward to little hope of a new home as a number of council’s had a policy of destroying them rather than keeping them alive.

Now things have changed dramatically and the Fuengirola council has announced that during 2019 not a single stray cat had been destroyed and it had instead spent time and effort in sterilising strays in an effort to ensure that they didn’t reproduce.

The highlight is the dog adoption programme which has seen a 25 per cent increase in the rehoming of animals found in the streets thanks to a policy of ensuring that the initial cost of adoption is negligible.


In order to encourage local residents to offer a forever home to dogs in its care, the council took over the financial responsibility of registering each dog, arranging for it to be chipped and paying for initial vaccinations.

Those interested in adopting a dog can visit various centres to see which animals are most suitable for them and details of where to go can be checked on

The bulk of this work has been undertaken by El Parque Zoosanitario which also undertakes veterinarian work on animals, mainly cats and dogs but also birds and other creatures that may have suffered injury at sea.

Not all pets come through adoption and the council want to remind every pet owner that animals should be registered at chipped through a veterinary surgery.


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