Major new shopping facility approved by Costa del Sol council Spain

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A SPECIAL Council meeting saw almost unanimous approval (with only Vox councillors voting against) for the private investment of some €14 million to produce a new commercial complex Marymar Plaza by the beach at Los Melilleros de Benalmadena in Arroyo de la Miel.

Prior to the construction of this new facility, Jardín de las Cigarreras, the company undertaking the project will have to demolish the current building (which may not have had proper planning permission) and construct the new one to plans which have been reviewed and found acceptable.

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Under the regulations concerning ICIO (construction) tax, it is within the council’s power to declare the planned construction as one of special interest or municipal importance with certain tax advantages to the builders and this has also been agreed.

According to Benalmadena mayor Victor Navas there are many benefits in approving this work which include the return of up to 2,000 square metres to the beach, a far more attractive development than currently exists and the construction of 210 new parking spaces which will help to relieve congestions on the surrounding roads.

The building will be built to modern environmental standards and will see jobs for 100 people during the demolition and construction phase followed by employment for an estimated 250 people once the complex is open.

An attractive development on the beach front which will include new street furniture and an improvement to the promenade will see a further investment of €100,000 and the mayor believes that this will be an attraction to visitors and will become an important point of call for residents.


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