Local Police of Spain’s Velez-Malaga Will Have New Bulletproof Vests

The Local Police of Velez-Malaga Will Have New Bulletproof Vests

The City Council of Velez-Malaga applies a new improvement in the Local Police with the acquisition of bulletproof vests, meeting the needs and demands of the group, and to help ensure the proper performance of their duties effectively and in conditions of maximum security.

The councilman of Security, Jose Maria Dominguez, accompanied by the Chief of Local Police, Jose Andres Montoya, appeared at a press conference to confirm the investment of 49,459 euros in the acquisition of 75 vests, with their corresponding covers, in addition to 18 new covers for the existing vests, manufactured in a high quality material, comfortable and lightweight with the aim of providing greater protection and safety to the local police officers.

The acquisition of the 75 vests is added to other improvements that the City of Velez-Malaga have recently invested in, including the renewal of the fleet of vehicles, with the addition of 10 new cars, the new computer system to streamline management services and the acquisition of new personal transmitters reaching a total investment of more than 850,000 euros.

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