Imminent expansion for Coín’s San Sebastián Infant School in Spain’s Costa del Sol

Mayor Francisco Santos met with officials at the San Sebastián Infant School. CREDIT: Coín Council.

THE Mayor of Coín, Francisco Santos, paid a visit to the San Sebastián Infant School in Spain’s Costa del Sol this week to speak with management and members of the AMPA to discuss the next steps that will be taken for the school’s expansion.

Alongside Raquel Lopez, the Councillor for Education and Children, Principal Rocío Santos and municipal workers, Santos detailed the Council’s intentions to develop a project that will meet the demands of the school.

He stated that all of the involved parties had reached an agreement to integrate the existing lot in front of the educational centre into the schoolyard where the main entrance of the school will be adapted. The work is scheduled to commence this year.


Santos added that the project had been in the pipeline since 2008, but that a previous management team were unable to put a plan into action to execute the works. However, on January 14, an agreement was made to transfer a plot of approximately 400 square meters on Calle Urbano Pineda to the school which was approved by the Council.

After the meeting, Principal Rocío Santos thanked the work of the Town Hall whose support has been invaluable and will ensure that this extension is completed.


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