Find the clues and get out of Costa del Sol Spain Escape Room

Offering the chance to escape

THE Fuengirola Department for Youth is organising a free Escape Room adventure in the Colores Building on Saturday February 15 from 10am.

Escape Rooms are a natural extension of Murder dinners and are perfect for younger people who want to exercise their brains and discover the secret which will let them escape from a sealed room although for this event, there is no age limit and it is aimed at the entire family.

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Everyone is invited to join in and book a place to take part in one of the sessions which run until 2pm and then from 4pm to 9pm and to do this, simply register on, search for Escape Room and Single Departure to find your time slot.

Each session last a very intense 15 minutes and past experience has shown that this is a very popular form of entertainment which makes participants think deeply about the clues and work together to try to successfully escape.

As this is part of the Vive Fuengirola with Love promotion, whilst the contents of the room and clues can’t be revealed now, the organisers have let it be known that it will be connected to the story of Romeo and Juliet.



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