Extensive Work to Prune Trees for Pedestrian Safety in Costa del Sol Town Spain

Work has already started on the pruning Credit: Marbella Council

WORK has started on pruning 1,350 palm and other tress in the San Pedro district of Marbella in order to ensure safety for drivers, pedestrians and those living near overgrown trees.

A specialist private company has been chosen to undertake this work which will cost €117,000 and take two months to complete.

In addition to the safety aspects, the workmen will ensure that those healthy trees which remain will be properly pruned so that they may continue to live long and healthy lives.


Work will focus on the Paseo Maritimo and other areas where there are large numbers of trees and once the work on the 800 palms and 550 other trees is complete, plans are already underway to plant a further 300 trees and to check all of them with a view to extensive treatment to combat potential pests if necessary.

Any tree that is removed for any reason will be replaced to ensure that environment is not in any way adversely affected.


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